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Our internet services are ideal, but certainly not limited to rural areas of Greene County, Ohio. 

Our internet services are provided to you directly from GreeneWireless.  We do not re-sell third party services as our own.

GreeneWireless is locally owned and operated and we have established our very own independent network throughout areas of Greene County, Ohio.


All our installs start as standard installs.  This includes:  


- Installing our equipment 

- Running cable (up to 100') to your computer OR router 

- Setup and configure your computer OR router,

- Test connection to ensure that you are connected and in operation


In some cases installations will exceed our standard installation guidelines.  When this occurs, we provide customer with the needed information and pricing as soon as the discovery is made.


What speed can you expect?  In some areas, you may see speeds up to 6Mbps.  This will depend on signal, location, and equipment type.  


We do not have data / usage limits or caps, nor do we install software on your computer.


Residential Services include:  

- Private IP address,

- eMail accounts with Virus & Spam filtering on eMail only 

- 5x8 phone support  

- Services come with a 30-day warranty (installation non-refundable)


Proud to be Locally Owned & Operated

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