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Proud to be Locally Owned & Operated

In 2008, GreeneWireless was established to help residents living in rural areas surrounding Xenia to access the internet by starting an local Internet Service Provider (ISP).


GreeneWireless set out to solve a problem that affected many residents in rural areas throughout Greene County, Ohio who live out of reach from other High Speed Internet Providers.  


GreeneWireless started small to help those rural residents. GreeneWireless became operational in 2009 when they connected their first customer on their first tower location, thanks to help from (now retired) City Manager, Jim Percival. 


From there, GreeneWireless expanded to several Greene County water towers in Wilberforce, Cedarville, and Jamestown -- with many thanks to Alan Anderson and the Greene County Commissioners.  

In addition, we give credit to several customers who have allowed GreeneWireless to install towers on private property to further expand the service area to reach even more customers in need of High Speed Internet. 


Currently, GreeneWireless is able to reach areas as far east as Jamestown, as far north as Brush Row Road, as far south as Waynesville Jamestown Rd and most of the City of Xenia.

The GreeneWireless network is wireless.  All our tower equipment is placed in the air to eliminate the need to bury cable to reach rural areas of Greene County. This makes it easier to accommodate those who live in rural areas where other ISP's do not expand to due to the need to bury cable to reach them. 

The GreeneWireless network is 100% ours - we do not re-sell services from other ISP's.  

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