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There is not a business anywhere that can be compared to this service.  Whether we come to your home or business, you come to us, or we pick up from you, our scanning services offer a totally unique approach to bringing you into this digital age.  


Pictures, Prints, Negatives, Slides - OH MY!  GreeneWireless recognizes there could literally be a countless number of pictures, slides, or negatives that need to be scanned and preserved - sitting around your home.  So why not protect them?  Most people hold onto their pictures, slides, or negatives in boxes and stored away because they don't have an average of 29+  HOURS it would take to scan all the pictures collected over the years. 



Do you want to risk losing your precious memories to fire, water, or any other damaging effects?  With our high tech scanning equipment, GreeneWireless can scan an average of 600 pictures an hour.  That's a fraction of the time it takes using a flatbed scanner.


Our prices are simple & unbeatable!  GreeneWireless offers scanning services to preserve your memories for as low as $ .36!  WOW!  We offer discounts for high quantities as well for further cost savings.  



As an added bonus GreeneWireless will store the pictures that we scan for you.  So if you should ever lose your digital images, do not fear!  Just contact GreeneWireless and we will happily get you out a replacement CD of your photos for only $10 (shipping additonal, if needed).



All prints,  negatives and slides are scanned to JPG format.


Proud to be Locally Owned & Operated

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